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Dnetics Framework build on .Net MVC framework (Dmaint)

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Digitization is increasingly affecting the society. With DMaint, the correct type of Maintenance can be utilized and reduced hardcopy tremendously.

With the digital trends in the recent years, more and more companies have chosen to follow this trend.

Automobile Application


Vehicle Maintenance – PM / CM Servicing

Vehicle Asset Management Application

  • Workflow Process

  • Review Current Workflow; Identify gaps and  Streamline for maintenance efficiency

  • Breed Best Practices across workshops

  • Documentation Traceability

  • Ensure Proper Document Formats/Forms are utilized


Vehicle Maintenance – Tools Inventory Control

This module allows the technicians to perform

  • Start of day Tools/IMTE accountability check (QR code scanning)

  • Technician signs out tools/IMTE (QR code scanning).  Mid day accountability check and update system

  • QCI conducts  tools/IMTE accountability  check before passing out vehicle and update system

  • End of day tools/IMTE accountability check (QR code scanning)

Tools Management


Vehicle Maintenance - Training

This training module allows tracking of qualified technicians to perform the right servicing

  • Technician undergoes training  and assessment on vehicle types

  • Supervisor update technician’s Personnel Skill Certification Record on vehicles trained

  • System tag technicians to vehicles

  • Supervisor assigns jobs to technicians  from drop-down menu



Connection Cloud and Local File store in ONE search

  • Ability to crawl your organization file store and database

  • Index your filenames and content of your documents

  • A full-text search function which makes it easy to add search functionality to an application or website. It does so by adding content to a full-text index

Search Engine
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