Introduction to Valo Intranet for your organization

  • Valo Intranet runs on all modern SharePoint Online experiences.

  • Improve modern SharePoint experiences and create a complete digital workplace on Microsoft 365.

  • Gateway to the digital workplace that makes your internal communication appealing and appealing.

  • Platform for your corporate design and functional segmentation according to your needs.

Developed for modern SharePoint

Access and use through Microsoft Teams


Valo Intranet is packed with a set of features that enhances the SharePoint Modern Experiences and builds a complete Digital Workplace on top of Microsoft 365.

The current features of Valo Intranet are the following:

· Appealing User Interface (two available options: Candela and Lux)

· Global and secured Navigation with the ability to target items to specific audiences

· Footer

· My Tools (link list created by content editors for the end users, with the ability to add personal links)


· Important Messages with audience targeting

· Search and Search Center experience (e.g. News and Events)

· Breadcrumb trail

· Guided content creation via Valo Toolbox

· Page templates

· News

· Pages (e.g. content pages, Our People, Location, Job Posting)

· Events

· Polls

· Important Messages

· Sites

· Preconfigured Web parts

· Birthday

· News Carousel

· Events


· Locations

· News

· Organization Chart

· Our People

· Quicklinks with audience targeting

· Valo Tabs

· Information messages

· Easy access to Intranet Settings

· Admin configuration site

· Valo Templates site

· Possibility to have Multiple Intranets


Complement your Intranet with one, or all, add-ons!

The current add-ons for Valo Intranet are the following:

· Adoption (including Analytics and Editor Dashboard)

· Multilingual (connect your multinational enterprise by localizing the content easily)

· People (including People Finder and People Directory)

· Social (including Valo blogs, Social Hub and Yammer Comments)