Introduction to Valo Ideas

Valo Ideas' vision is to provide an experience that enables teams in all organizations to develop the workplace of their dreams and innovate together. As part of the experience, it offers three core value propositions:

  • Build a Better Workplace with an ideation tool that improves co-innovation and transparency. within your organization.

  • Innovate and make better decisions with ideas gathered and developed in your company.

  • Give your reps a voice with the tools your reps already use: Microsoft Team.


Valo Ideas is packed with a set of features that enhances the native Microsoft Teams experience and builds a complete innovation platform on top of Microsoft 365.

You can learn everything about Valo Ideas:

Idea Management

  • Full personal dashboard of all suggested ideas

  • Crowd-sourcing of the ideas across the organization

Campaign Management

  • Allow ideas to be suggested as part of campaigns

  • Archive campaigns


  • Full metrics of the ideas used in your organization, available for every user

Teams Tab

  • Allow to focus on a single campaign ideas directly from its channel

  • Get the current campaign ideas analytics

Ideas Bot

  • Allow the bot to create ideas on your behalf

  • Promote any Teams message to an idea

  • Get notifications when ideas are ready