Vehicle Maintenance

DMaint - Smart and Paperless

Digitization is increasingly affecting the society. With DMaint, the correct type of Maintenance can be utilized and reduced hardcopy tremendously.

With the digital trends in the recent years, more and more companies have chosen to follow this trend.

DMAINT controls the life cycle of the PM servicing at workshop:

  • Creation of PM Job

  • Creation of documents

  • Preventive and Comprehensive Maintenance Servicing

  • CM defects and rectifications

  • Routing, monitoring and completion of tasks by each party.

  • Review of Job

  • Visibility of the Schedule and task completion

What is DMaint

Key Features

  • Transform Servicing physical processes into digital workflows.

  • Convert hardcopy document into digital form.

  • Address audit concerns.

  • Ability to collaborate with different parties in a controlled and accessible way.

  • Manage and share document and flows more efficiently and effectively.

  • Reduce paper cost.

  • Reliability in the field of access control, review cycles, traceability, availability, and auditing.

  • User-friendliness in terms of ease of use.

  • Customer-centric