TEAMS Collaboration

Introduction to Valo Teamwork

  • Teamwork is the one-stop solution to display all of your SharePoint teams, groups and sites in a single, easily accessible dashboard on your Valo intranet or as a standalone solution.

  • We also offer you multiple tools to manage and control your experience at the creation of spaces: from guided ordering processes to various approval and configuration options designed to ensure that your users don't have to be experts in Teams and SharePoint to get the project websites they want.

  • The Teamwork product is divided into two parts: Teamwork Standard and Teamwork Enterprise. It has all the functions of the standard version, but with additional functions that are aimed at complicated collaboration scenarios.

Developed for modern SharePoint

Access and use through Microsoft Teams


Valo Teamwork Enterprise contains the following features

Enterprise Metadata

Enterprise Metadata allows you to have different metadata schemas for different kinds of groups. The following field types are supported for Enterprise Metadata:

  • Free text, Note, URL

  • Choice field, Taxonomy field (single choice or multiple choices)

  • People picker (single choice or multiple choices)

  • Yes / No

  • DateTime

The default values for Enterprise Metadata are the following. The administrator can change the metadata fields for every group as needed.

  • Team: Team Leader (People Picker)

  • Project: Project Manager (People Picker), Project Start Date (Date), Project End Date (Date), Project Status (Choice field), Project ID (Free text field)

  • Interest Group: Tags

  • HR Onboarding: Manager (People Picker), Mentor (People Picker)

Enterprise Metadata will be shown when ordering a group, editing group metadata (as a group owner) and filtering groups. Shown fields will be based on the chosen category for the group. Examples below show the default metadata for a project group.

List any SharePoint Site

With the Enterprise version of Teamwork, you can define a custom search query in the Teamwork web part settings to include any SharePoint site in Teamwork front page.

As well as with the contents from Valo Workspaces, these sites do not have filtering capabilities.

Create a SharePoint Site

With the Enterprise version of Teamwork, you can create standalone SharePoint Sites that are not attached to an Office 365 Group. The sites can be Modern Team Sites, Modern Communication Sites and Classic Publishing Sites. These sites can be viewed and filtered the same way as groups can and can have custom metadata applied as well.

Auto archiving

With auto archiving functionality, administrators can create life cycle policies and assign these policies to workspace templates or to existing workspaces. Renewal notifications are emailed to workspace owners 60 days, 30 days, 15 days and one day before the workspace is automatically archived. During renewal period group owners can extend lifecycle policy. If a workspace is not renewed, it is archived along with its associated content from sources such as SharePoint and Teams.