Introduction to Valo Extranet

  • Access your resources with an invitation-only platform

  • Keep your extranet environment safe

  • One point of contact for all resources

  • Up-to-date networks

  • Easy to configure and manage

Rich centralize external platform for your business partner

Protect your external network with an extranet platform that keeps your business-critical information safe - what extranets are for.

Make sure your resources are safe, yet accessible, with an invite-only platform

All your resources in one place

Take your collaboration with your external network to the next level. Valo Extranet allows you to distribute all of your critical business materials and resources from one place - that's what extranets are made for!

Keep your network up to date

Share news, event invitations, and document libraries in one place that all your suppliers, partners, customers, and resellers can access at any time.

Fast set up. Easy to use

Set up your own Valo extranet for your external visitors quickly and easily. Enjoy powerful Valo functions that come from the popular Valo intranet.

Keep your external network up to date with regular updates

Keep your external network up to date with the latest news and upcoming events in one place so your external users can choose which events to join right from their events calendar.

Intuitive content and templates

Creating content in Valo Extranet is so easy and intuitive that anyone in your company can use existing templates to easily create informative and visually branded content!

Easy navigation

  • Intuitive content and template creation

  • Easy navigation

  • Thanks to Valo's mega menu, navigation crumbs and search function, your materials and information are easy to find.

Add your unique company branding

  • Add your unique company branding

  • Choose your preferred user interface and spice it up with your unique company colors, logos, look and feel.

Give more with super Valo add-ons

Add more value to your external user experience. Whether you want to share content in multiple languages ​​or introduce important people to your external network, Valo Extranet plugins enable a more complete content experience.

Reduce your manual workload

No more individual emails.

Invite everyone in your external network to access your extensive Valo extranet and say goodbye to endless updates and mailings that get lost in the crowd or in your spam mailbox.

Many different needs

You can simplify them all by creating different groups in SharePoint based on your business type or even location.

Developed for modern SharePoint

Access and use through Microsoft Teams