Introduction to Valo Entrance

The vision of Valo Connect is to offer a complementary experience to Modern SharePoint through native integration into the daily workflow of each individual with the support of Microsoft Teams in order to expand your digital workplace.

Developed for modern SharePoint

Access and use through Microsoft Teams

Features (Entrance Dashboard)

This section describes the features of Valo Entrance Dashboard. In the Dashboard, the user can browse the Access Units and search for them, create new Access Units and search for external users' Access Units.

Access Units

Valo Entrance Dashboard organizes the Access Units in two tabs: My Access Units and All Access Units. In the My Access Units tab, the user can browse all the Access Units they are Owners of. In the All Access Units tab, the user can browse all the existing Access Units. There is an icon indicating the Access Units in which the user is the Owner.

By default, the Access Units web part shows 12 Access Units in one page in a tab. If there are more than 12 Access Units, there is paging in the bottom of the page. The paging will show the maximum number of pages.

By default, the Access Units are listed in alphabetical order (A to Z). You can also sort them in the reversed alphabetical order (Z to A) or by the modified time (older to newer and newer to older).

Search functionalities

Please note that the Access Units are not connected to out-of-the-box Microsoft 365 Search or the SharePoint search.

· Search for external users' Access Units

· Search for Access Units

You can search for specific Access Units by their name or their description from the search box below the My Access Units/All Access Units tabs. The search results will be depending on the tab you have open. For example, if you have the My Access Units tab open and you search for an Access Unit that you are not an owner of, the search result will not include that Access Unit.

Connection to other Valo products

The Valo Toolbox button is visible only if Entrance is installed in an Office 365 environment where there are another Valo products like Valo Intranet or Valo Extranet installed and the Entrance site is connected to the same hub site with those products.

Features (Self-Service Registration Portal "SSRP")

This section describes the features of Valo Entrance Self-Service Registration Portal (SSRP), where the external users sign up and log in.


When the external user arrives on the Self-Service Registration Portal for the first time, they should register.

How to self-register

1. As a new user in the Self-Service Registration portal, select Sign up.

2. Enter your email address.

3. To be able to complete the sign up, you have to confirm you have read and understood the privacy policy.

4. Verify that you are not a robot by ticking the reCAPTCHA box "I'm not a robot" and when the dialog opens, tap on any tiles you see with the object described in the text. If new images appear with the same object, tap those as well. When there are none left, click Verify.

5. Click Sign up.

6. If you’ve been granted access to any resources, you will get email notification that will contain further instructions.

After the registration process, the user can click the Go back button to get back to the first view.


Note that if the external user's email or email domain hasn't been added to any of the Access Units in the Entrance Dashboard, the external user will not receive any kind of email notification.


When the external user arrives on the SSRP any time after they have done the registration, the user can just click the Login button.


Note that if the external user has logged in any Microsoft 365 portal in the same browser session, they will be automatically logged into the SSRP without needing to login again.


When the external user has logged in, he/she sees the Lobby view. This view shows the external user a list of all the links they have been given access to via the Access Units. If the value Show link in the lobby is set to No in the Group URL in an Access Unit, the link will not be visible in the Lobby.

By clicking any link, the external user will be redirected where the link points to.

Features (Customizable invitation e-mail templates using SendGrid)

Entrance can utilize customizable SendGrid email templates and send the emails with Graph API using Exchange (method 1) or use the SendGrid API to send the emails (method 2). Both methods require a SendGrid account to be created.